Saturday, 19 February 2011


Photo of the Corke gallery, taken by Will Facer

I will be exhibiting work in the Corke gallery on Aigburth road with another student from the course, Will Facer. The Corke is a small, private gallery, with good light and white walls. I'll be exhibiting drawings in gold frames, and Will will be exhibiting photo-montage. Our artwork isn't directly related, although we both use graphic means to carry a broader artistic message. Nick Corke, the gallery owner, seems agreeable, so I don't think we'll have any trouble putting together a show of quite a good standard.

I'm also exhibiting as part of the exhibition in the Liverpool Academy of Art in town. This exhibition has a much broader mix of students in it, nearly 30 in total. I'll exhibit drawn works there too, although my concern is that it may be hard to stand out amongst such a broad mix of work. The theme is "relationships," and as my artwork is reflective and therefore a representation of my ego or perceived self, I think I'll fit the brief. 

I had also been talking with a group about exhibiting in the Wolstenholme, although I was involved from quite a late stage. The Wolstenholme's atmosphere would have played quite well off my gold-framed drawings I think, with the ragged, run-down feel of the building maybe serving to heighten their sense of macabre. Unfortunately the Wolstenholme exhibit fell through, and the back-up option, the Students Union, didn't really strike me as appropriate for my artwork. The space has real potential to be transformed with installation or performance artwork, and I'm excited to see the show that will be put on there, although there were no spaces where I felt my drawings could be appreciated in the same way. The "office" feeling of the space was something that hanging a picture wouldn't really change, although other methods of presentation definitely could.

I also intend to exhibit video artworks as part of the art school dance, as I feel they're not too intrusive and will suit a more casual display environment.

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