Tuesday, 2 November 2010

cut papers

This is the performance artwork "Cut Papers" by Sachiko Abe at A Foundation. On the A Foundation website, Abe asserts that her work is "neither beautiful nor meditational," although this is the main thing I took away from the work. The work is apparently a "feedback loop" which places the viewer as the subject as much as Abe herself is. I'm not sure I understand how the viewer affects the work, but I enjoyed the atmosphere when the space was empty.

The artworks in the smaller rooms in the building were varied and each were extremely well realised, especially the durational drawings underneath the performance site. The amount of time Abe had so evidently invested in them was staggering. Whatever dynamic Abe feels the work has to do with the viewer, I think the work's real power and interest comes from the artist's experimentation with her own limits. The amount of willpower and focus obviously required to actualise the artwork was the thing that I found most affecting. The aesthetic presents was fantastical and escapist, although I did think it felt slightly detached from the concept.

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