Tuesday, 2 November 2010

empire of fire

I recently went to see Jamie Isenstein's artwork "Empire of Fire" in the Tate Liverpool. The piece was based on the play "No Exit" by Sartre. Isenstein explained how it was important that it was her hand that was part of the exhibit. I think if it's her meditation on "No Exit" and the themes of that play, then it's justified that her hand should be a part of it. As Isenstein pointed out, there's a poignancy to a work about immortality and introspection having a mortal human, who will eventually die, as a key component. The piece was surreal and played with viewer's expectations, which I think is why I enjoyed it, although I felt the lighting and busy atmosphere of the Tate detracted from the experience. The work intended to evoke or represent a living space, which I thought felt a bit disconnected and sparse in the gallery space. In that sense then, I felt the concept of the work was more realised than the manner of the work.

Since seeing "Empire of Fire," I have looked into a number of Epinstein's other artworks. There is a Dada humour to it which I think I share in my own practice.

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