Monday, 31 January 2011

love me as i am

This is the first completed artwork that I intend to display for my Practice and Publication module. I've chosen gold, gaudy frames for a kind of "living room" aesthetic, and the work is in blue biro, which I think plays quite well off the gold. This should hopefully function quite well in drawing viewers' eyes in a gallery space. I suppose framing the work also heightens the sense of conflict between the lowbrow and highbrow aspects to my practise. I like the idea of putting drawings that are sort of crass, ugly and degenerate into frames that are sleek and a bit kitsch. Balancing the images between pop and fine art, and not letting the works become either too explicitly, is a constant concern.

Second work, slightly smaller scale.

Edit, 1/3/11: I decided to darken the red background of this piece so it would fit with the other works I plan to display better.

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