Monday, 23 May 2011


Screenadelica 2011 was an exhibition of gig posters, held in an empty building on Slater Street that used to house the International//Art Organisation Gallery. Most of the posters were on sale, and you could select a design and have a t-shirt screen-printed for you at the event. There were some bands, and a bar. I think the more I think about my practise, the more I realise that this is the kind of event I want to be involved with, more than I want to make work that is viewed as "fine art." The line between a graphic product and a fine art object has never really existed to me, and I think the images on display at Screenadelica were every bit as worthy and compelling to me as anything else. Hopefully it'll be a taste of the kind of experience I'll have when I start graphics/illustration in September. I'd definitely seek this kind of outlet for my work more readily than I'd use a white gallery wall again.

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