Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Mementos was an exhibition by Pip Dye and Matt Weir held in 10 Edge Lane, in my house. Mementos has probably been my favourite of the student-led exhibitions this year. The works, that both address a sense of nostalgia and memory, felt appropriate in the dilapidated, high-ceilinged, sparse spaces. Pip and Matt were forced into using the house because their arrangement with Casa de Brujas fell through, although I think Pip's work especially felt much more natural and believable in a home setting. Matt's films were accomplished and immersive, and I think the sit-down viewing format worked in their favour. There was an easy-going atmosphere to the event that was unlike any other exhibition, as we were all amongst friends, at home, and drinking. The bonfire was a particularly appropriate touch - they evoke a certain kind of warm reminiscence that, I thought, was a really astute addition to the evening. One to remember.

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