Monday, 21 March 2011

one last never

All my work is now in the Corke Gallery. 70 of my envelopes are now pinned to a board, there'll be 100 in total at the opening, and then Nic wants more to replenish the supply after the first few nights. They're now £2; Nic felt £1 was too cheap. I think £2 is reasonable - not extortionate, as they're all hand-drawn, although it doesn't feel like I'm giving them away. Hopefully people won't be too put off by the price to have a go and buy one.

I've chosen quite a kitsch, chintzy layout for the framed works. It's a symmetrical arrangement a bit like you'd find in a living room, to add to the sense of conflict between the presentation and the content. I've titled them all "Never," other than one work called "Always." Overall I'm quite pleased with the quality of the show as it stands. The other artists work is all of a really good standard, and the space isn't so crowded with works that you can't appreciate each piece individually. "Roots" is a really varied show, and I'm pleased that we have such a broad mix of practises to display. I'm optimistic that people will enjoy it.

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