Wednesday, 16 March 2011

re: action

RE:Action was the first of the exhibitions arranged as part of our Practice and Publication module, with work by Dave/Amos Whiteley, Catherine Rockwood and Anna Mulhearne, in the Wolstenholme creative space. I was quite impressed with how slick the exhibition felt. The space really seems to lend itself to installation artwork, and while each work had its own tone, the three works together seemed to take on a single, more congruous meaning. There was a certain spooky, maudlin and quite serious sense of intent which, to me, was quite accomplished. The four individuals, engaged in their own individual therapies, felt sort of otherworldly, almost like a seance. The feeling of the space was meditative, with an allusion to neuroses and obsession present across all three artworks.

The works all invite subjective interpretations and explore our relationship with ourselves. To me, they functioned more as an intriguing series of vignettes more than anything overly philosophical, but I often find installation artwork very hard to engage with anyway. I think the nature of this response is something the artists anticipate and even welcome, as their literature suggests they value the individual's viewpoint as much as their own. Overall I thought it was quite a worthy, harmonious experience, and an interesting start to the run of shows.

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