Friday, 18 March 2011

never, obviously

This is the material I'm handing over to Nic Corke tomorrow to be put up in the gallery. I've got around 70 envelopes and 15 framed works, although I'm hoping to bring another 28 envelopes along on Tuesday just to round off the total to 100. I think the hodge-podge, gaudy set of frames I've used has worked quite well, and the drawings now function as objects as well as just drawings. I think especially putting smaller drawings in large frames really draws the eye to them and makes the viewer focus on the detail I put in. I think the overall tone of the series is what I was aiming for, and I do view them as functional collectively as well as individually. The notion of "Never" is prevalent, and I think I'll title all the works "Never" other than the small drawing of the cat and mouse, which I'll title "Always."

The bedsheets are from Ikea, if you were wondering.

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